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Han Kang: White Thread

Han Kang is one of the most prominent literary voices in South Korea. The author, born in 1970, became internationally known with her novel The Vegetarian, for which she received the Man Booker International Prize in 2016. The White Book, which was published in 2016 in South Korea and in 2017 in England, marks a new phase in Han Kang's work. It is a meditation on the death of her older sister, who died as a newborn shortly after the delivery. The starting point for the narrative is a list of white things connected with the life and death of the sister: bandages, salt, rice, bones, tablets, hair, breast milk, and mist. Han Kang takes up the leitmotif of mourning, healing, and reconstruction in her simultaneously developed White Thread performances, which also appear as photographs in the book.

On the occasion of the German translation of The White Book the PalaisPopulaire with the international literature festival berlin in cooperation with the Aufbau Verlag, are presenting the exhibition White Thread, which documents Han Kang's work as a visual artist for the first time in Germany, with video installations, sculptures, live performances, and workshops.

Han Kang: Still from Pebble, Salt, Ice, 2018 © Han Kang